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Clavier Gamer Mécanique AQIRYS ADARA, Switch HaiMu Linéaire Rose, Filaire, Taille: 1800 compacte, Évaluation du commutateur: 100 millions de clics, Switch feedback  Linéaire, Switch travel 1,5 - 2mm, Force de commutation: 47gF,  100% Anti-ghosting, Fonctions multimédia, On-board memory, Éclairage RGB dynamique par touche, câble 2m tressé détachable, Poids: 880gr - Couleur:  Blanc  & noir

295,000 TND
Délai de livraison: 1 à 2 jours


Engineered for silence, smoothness, and future to deliver to you a truly premium and customizable gaming experience, we proudly introduce ADARA, the newest addition to our keyboard lineup. Named after the brightest star in ultraviolet light, ADARA fuses in a versatile compact form factor, the latest features and innovations in mechanical keyboard design with customized switches from the new kid on the block in the high-end switches arena.



At your fingertips, you will find precision delivered by factory pre-lubed HaiMu 5-pin mechanical switches warranting 100 million keystrokes consistent gaming experience. The customized Pink version installed on ADARA offers a smooth linear key press and a quiet sound level, having an operating travel of 2 mm and 45 gF actuation force.

Besides factory pre-lubed switches, ADARA is also rigged with pre-lubed plate-mounted stabilizers to smooth out the typing experience by effectively reducing noise, spring pings, and evening out large-key pressing (like the Spacebar). Featuring the new Gasket-Mounted keyboard design, ADARA has an elaborate internal architecture - decoupled mounting of the switch-plate using silicone gaskets, PCB silencer & anti-vibration silicone pad, bottom EVA foam for noise-dampening - specially created to achieve a smooth keystroke without noise and vibration, and without changing the tactile response or affecting the stability of the switch. All contribute to achieving the same exceptional feel you can only find on ultra-high-end custom-built keyboards. On the outside, the resilient lightweight chassis is complemented by double-shot PBT keycaps engineered for durability, precision, and improved tactility to match or exceed any lifetime of the mechanical switches they sit over. Inside Bonus – ADARA also comes with a multi-tool brush so that you can take care of it with all the thoroughness it deserves!

Tunisie clavier gamer AQIRYS ADARA
Tunisie clavier gamer AQIRYS ADARA



Preferred by e-sport professionals, a compact layout not only saves desk space but also improves ergonomics for intense gaming sessions by keeping the hands closer and enabling ample quicker mouse movements. With ADARA’s 1800 compact form factor and 95-key layout, you can enjoy the same space-saving benefits of the TKL design and unleash your mouse swipes while preserving the convenience of the Numpad. Furthermore, a three-stage height adjustment system puts the wrists at your optimum tilt angle for fast typing (flat, half, and full extension). Plus, our AQIRYS-designed spacebar is guaranteed to be a thumb-pleaser every time you press it – in fact, we’re ready to bet that you’ll love it so much that you’ll press it faster and more often than any other spacebar before! Using a detachable USB-C aviator-style braided cable boosts aesthetics, durability, and mobility making it easier to take the keyboard to gaming tournaments; also, three built-in channels under the keyboard allow using and routing of your classic USB-C cable.

Make it yours! – future switch replacement and customization with exotic models is possible due to the hot-swap keyboard design (universal compatibility with 3 and 5-pin switches). To get a taste of it, the package includes 20 complimentary pre-lubed customized HaiMu Ocean Blue Tactile switches to use on any set of keys you wish. We’ve also included an additional slim-profile spacebar for those who prefer a different style. And since we don’t fancy bland stuff much, ADARA has a two keycap-color scheme, so you can have fun using a high-performance gaming keyboard that stands out from the pack. Lastly, a full-RGB dynamic illumination system fires up our cool transparent logo and the PBT keycaps with on-the-fly adjustable visual effects; of course, the intuitive AQIRYS software provides access to advanced configuration options, including per-key illumination customization.


If people could see in ultraviolet light, Adhara (sometimes spelled Adara) would be the brightest star in the sky. When taking that band of light into account, the star is about 22300 times more luminous than the sun.

Tunisie clavier gamer AQIRYS ADARA


Keyboard type: Mechanical
Keyboard size: 1800 Compact
Switch type: HaiMu Linear Pink
Switch rating: 100 million clicks
Switch feedback: Linear
Switch travel: 1.5 - 2mm
Switch force: 45 gF
Anti-Ghosting: 100% (N-Key rollover)
Number of keys: 95
Keycap: Cherry profile, Backlit, Double Shot PBT
Multimedia functions: Yes
On-board memory: Yes
Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
Layout: US
Illumination: Dynamic Per-Key RGB
Connectivity: Wired
Cable type: Detachable USB Type-C, coiled braided, aviator-style
Cable Length: 2 m
Software: Yes (Windows 7 and up)
Platform: PC/Mac & Consoles
Size: 386.54 x 139.92 x 44.7 mm
Weight: 880 g
Color: White/Black
EAN: 5949161381427


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Mécanique Red Switch
Format Clavier
Type d'RGB
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